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Uniforms of Amsterdam is the 20th issue of Garment Magazine, the student led magazine by AMFI that explores different perspectives on fashion. This issue is  taking a deep dive into the culture of Amsterdam, highlighting the uniforms that shape the identities of this city.

Uniforms of Amsterdam is about highlighting the vibrant and diverse culture of this creative city. We aim to be as authentic as possible, staying true to those that really call this city their home. Our goal with this magazine is for you to get an intimate and personal insight into the multifaceted people of Amsterdam, and this reflects itself in the physicality of the magazine as well. Removed from the large scale, high gloss side of fashion magazines, UOA quite small and feels almost handmade, with little illustrations amongst the pages that make it resemble a journal or scrapbook.

When highlighting the beauty of a city, it is important to remember our place and impact on the world around us. And we know the impact that printing can have on the environment, that is why we made the decision to print our magazines completely CO2 neutral and 100% sustainably.

Learn more about sustainability by clicking here.

Excited?! Here is a little preview of what you will find in the magazine.

Get to know more about the people

We tried to highlight the authentic stories of the people who make up this city. Get to know them better on our "The People" page.

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