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About the minor

Garment Magazine is the annual publication made by the students of the minor Independent Fashion Magazines. Students from all AMFI departments as well as other courses come together to concept, design, print and strategize a magazine, launch event, and social media campaign. The minor explores the future of editorial publishing and print through the lens of fashion, in a hands on and goal driven manner.

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The rise of cellphones and social media has drastically impacted the industry of print media, and the fashion world has not been unaffected. Mainstream fashion magazines and old publishing models have largely fallen out of interest in favor of digital magazines, who oftentimes blur the lines between a brand and a publication. The exception lies in independent magazine, removed from a commercial agenda and fuled by the trendiness of analog making, they find themselves in the spotlight of the print media niche. This minor allows students to explore the world of fashion and journalism through an contemporary, innovative and experimental perspective.

Independent Fashion Magazines.

In the first phase of this minor students work in smaller groups to create a test magazine based around a garment which they conceptualize, style and produce themselves. In this test phase the students dive deep into publishing affairs, writing, branding & PR, art direction and photo styling in order to practice editorial thinking and experiment with the making process

In the second phase of the minor all the groups come together to work on the final magazine which hits the shelves of different retailers and will be released to the public. Students need to make a decision which department they would like to join where they will be working in a more real life setting. Practicing communicating with their team and the others to work towards the magazine together.

Course Structure.

The minor is set up in a way that reflect working in a professional environment, with multiple departments providing solutions for the different tasks. The 5 departments each take up working on the various areas and practices that come together to develop not only the magazine but the brand identity and public presence that comes with it.

Each team has a leader, who becomes part of the editorial board along with the Editor in Chief. The each lead and teach their department, with the guidance of coaches and teachers. Within the teams everyone picks up a job, however helping out amongst the different departments is encouraged. Finding a balance between teams and keeping good communication is the key.

Job Roles.

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