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Ngl, I think we all have watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ thinking we were going to walk into this minor like Miranda Priestly, running this shit. Little did we know that we need to start from the bottom — think: pre-makeover Andy without them Chanel boots and little to no idea of what’s going on. But hey, learning curve, I guess...


Anyways, Independent Fashion Magazines is an honours minor ready to test your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Through sweat and tears you’ll discover what it takes to create a printed magazine actually worth printing. You’ll understand that it’s not just taking pictures and yapping about whatever topic you’re fascinated by this week, but it takes a lot of critical thinking, concept building, pushing boundaries, editing out and last but not least masterful producing. 


In the end, you end up with a new issue of Garment Magazine, that hopefully, you are proud of. 


But before the final version of Garment Magazine comes out and you can show up at the launch party saying, “everybody wants this, everybody wants to be us,” there are some steps you gotta take.

The rise of cellphones and social media has drastically impacted the industry of print media, and the fashion world has not been unaffected. Mainstream fashion magazines and old publishing models have largely fallen out of interest in favor of digital magazines, who oftentimes blur the lines between a brand and a publication. The exception lies in independent magazine, removed from a commercial agenda and fuled by the trendiness of analog making, they find themselves in the spotlight of the print media niche.

This minor allows students to explore the world of fashion and journalism through an contemporary, innovative and experimental perspective.


for info about admissions and registration:

Yes, this actually happens. On the first day of the first week, you get divided into smaller groups and are asked to create a magazine covering a piece of garment of your choice. Printed and bound, ready to be presented on Friday morning. This definitely is the time to go a little crazey. The deadline though, will be kicking your ass and if you think that Andy not knowing how to spell Gabbana was hysterical, wait to see how you’ll feel presenting this project. Good times though, good times. At the end of this week, you all get to vote for one magazine and the winning garment becomes the topic of the final magazine. 


Now that you’ve been tested by fire, you get ten weeks to create yet another magazine. This time, related to the garment of the semester. The word ‘angle’ will become your biggest nightmare and sense of direction in one. Kinda like when Emily got hit by the car and Andy ended up going to Paris instead of her, don’t ask why, just trust. During these ten weeks, you’ll work in the same groups you’ve formed in the first week and in the end, show a magazine that looks at the garment from a specific POV. After all this is done, we have yet another voting session (gotta love democracy) and choose which of the ten-week magazines gets developed further and produced into the final FINAL Garment Magazine.



With the words of Ms Kim Kardashian in mind: “Maybe if you had a fucking business that you were passionate about you would know what it takes to run a fucking business but you DON’T,” you come to the last part of the minor. The Garment Company is born and y’all get assigned a role based on your preferences and where you believe you can contribute the most. From writers and graphic designers, to event planners, social media or editor-in-chief, no matter which role you get, be ready to be passionate about it. If you thought the first week was stressful, wait for this, lol. This is the moment in Devil Wears Prada where Andy walks in on Miranda sitting on the couch in her suite in Paris crying over the divorce but refusing to cancel the plans. Yet again, don’t ask why, just trust the process. This is the real shit and you’ll love it. But we all know love is complicated sometimes, just sayin’.

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