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Reclaiming the Party Dress


party dress


This 18th issue of Garment put together in unprecedented times, is about an item that has been hanging in the back of our closets for a while now. The Party Dress. A piece of clothing we define as any garment that is open in between the legs and covers the top and bottom parts of our bodies. However: as long as you can dance in it, we consider it to be a party dress. We use the party dress as a vehicle to start conversations about important topics that lie beneath. Topics such as intersectional feminism, gender, diversity and inclusivity, which are a reflection of the zeitgeist. Garment reflects upon the narratives, associations, possibilities and shows what can be achieved when we become open to change. Are you ready to dance your way towards change with us?

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Why close your eyes, if you have the power to make a change?

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Whispering Change

Whisper in my ear

All the things I like to hear

Whisper in my ear

That stigmas will dissapear

Tell me all the nice things

A world without rules or strings

Tell me what could be

Speak to me very slowly

Whisper in my ear

All the things I like to hear

Whisper in my ear 

That stigmas will dissapear



Get to know todays changemakers. Garment puts a spotlight on creative visonaries who are shaping the future and aim to make a change within their field. Get inspired by their work!

Reclaiming the

Party dress 

The dress can be a tricky garment. Let's take control into our own hands and have a look at how we reclaim that angle. Explore our visual diary or get your hands on a copy of the Party Dress Issue!

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