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Behind the Cover Video with Jasmin Li

This year's cover dress for Garment Magazine was created by recently graduated AMFI designer Yasmin Li. In this video, Yasmin shares her creative process behind the delicate handcrafted party dress. She also touches upon what changed she'd like to see in the fashion industry; from cultural appropriation to creative collaborations.

Creative direction: Thanh Nguyen

Production: Claudia Diemont

Script: Sanne Alofs, Thanh Nguyen

Set design: Nadia Arjaans, Evy Cornelie

Storyboard: Claudia Diemont, Claudia Roerdink

Videography: Annabel Hermarij, Evy Cornelie

Video editing: Annabel Hermarij, Thanh Nguyen

© 2021 by Garment Magazine. 

Garment Magazine is an independent production made by students of AMFI.

Mauritskade 11, 1019 GC Amsterdam

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