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Fashion & Editorial Branding

In the honours programme Fashion and Editorial Branding, you get to discover the world of independent magazines. We go back to the basics and learn about every aspect that is important in making a magazine. Creating a printed paper magazine asks for added value that makes it worth killing trees for. With this in mind, we students produce a magazine with extra care and in-depth content. After working long and hard on quality content, we send it to the printer and there’s no turning back.


In this minor, you can discover for yourself how fun it is to create a magazine. The programme allows you to make three amazing magazines. So channel your inner Stylist, Text Editor, Graphic Designer, Social Media Expert or Art Director (or all of them?) and go crazy!


By the end of this minor, you will present a new issue of Garment Magazine.

For more info on registration and admission, visit the HvA Website or Kies op Maat if you study elsewhere.

The Garment

We ended Part two with multiple magazines, each centred around the chosen garment. During these past ten weeks, each group developed a magazine with a matching, unique concept. To move further along, there will be another vote. Which concept will be worked on in the weeks to come? 


In the last part of this minor, you are going to work for the Garment Company by doing a job interview for the role you like the most. We want our team to fulfil their highest potential and want to create a magazine where people contribute with what they do best.


You are going to focus on your job and potential side job and you will definitely shine bright while experiencing it.

10 Week


In the upcoming ten weeks, you are going to test the waters of every role in the magazine. You are going to be an Art Director, write an article, prepare an editorial shoot, dive into binding methods for your magazine and look for printing methods as well.


In this phase, you will discover what your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can apply for the job role that fits you best for the final magazine.

Let your creative mind run free and create a magazine on a garment of your choice in one week.


Together with your group, you produce texts, make visuals, think about styling, printing and binding, all in a single week!


After this week of bonding and exploring, the individual groups present their magazine to the rest of the class. At that moment, you also get to look at what garments other groups have chosen and how they translated them into a magazine. By the end of the week, the class votes on which garment will be the subject of, in your case, Garment 2022.

1 Week


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