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The Bird Tsang is an Amsterdam based ceramics studio which focuses on custom creating handmade tableware designs of unmatched quality for chefs across the globe. With a purpose of collaboration and craftsmanship the Gerrit Rietveld Academy educated trio and their team aim to provide chefs with the ultimate companion for their culinary creations. They explore how amsterdam has influenced their uniform and attidue for connection and practicality.




Name, what you do, and where you are originally from:
Robin De Vogel: My name is Robin De Voegel. I’m originally from Holland, I grew up in Aruba. And I run the Bird Tsang studio together with Johannes and Josiah.
Johannes Tsang: Hi my name is Johannes Tsang. I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada and we run together, us three, Robin and Josiah, the Birds Tsang ceramic studio.
Josiah Tsang: My name is Josiah Tsang, the brother of Johannes. I’m also from Vancouver, Canada, and yeah we make plates and ceramics.

Describe you style in 3 words:
Josiah: Casual, comfy, and not clean.
Johannes: He says it just right!
Robin: Most of the time dusty, workwear, and pragmatic because of the work that we do.

How has Amsterdam impacted your style:
Robin: I mean it’s rainy here all the time, so I think in terms of the style choices I make it’s always influenced by the weather most of the time. Uh no stilettos and pencil skirts, but more rain boots and uh Arcteryx jackets.
Johannes: Definitely boots and uh sneakers is definitely a big one, yeah, that’s it.
Josiah: Yeah uh, I definitely wear more sneakers than I used to in Canada, definitely. I used to be just a boot guy, but now I like to wear sneakers, sandals, and birkenstocks, and whatever’s comfy really.

How has Amsterdam impacted the art you guys have created here with the pottery and ceramics?
Johannes: I think the studio or Amsterdam has affected the studio because it’s such a small community, and that you can easily connect with each other, and share ideas. You can
see Bird Tsang is a really nice example of collaboration with restaurants and other people around.
Robin: Yeah Amsterdam is a good city to build a reputation in, if you really make sure to treat your clients well. Then, at a certain point if you’re all working together in the same niche of the culinary arts, then it’s easy to build a reputation here.

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