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Nathan, Tristan and Artemy are three friends all born and raised in Amsterdam, official Amsterdammers, who met during their time at the Gerrit van der Veen college in Amsterdam’s Oud-Zuid district. During their education at this more artistic leaning highschool, the boys fell deeper into Amsterdams arts and culture scene and allowed it to shape who they are now – driven by the creation of community, fashion, arts, music and experimentation.




What does being an ‘Amsterdam Native’ mean for you?
Artemy: ‘Doing you’ and letting others ‘do them’. Tristan: Straight-forward, no shame, social.
Nathan: It means you understand that people have different lives, different cultures, different opinions, which you respect and learn from.

What do you think is Amsterdam’s biggest impact on what you make now?
Artemy: The amount of like minded people within a close proximity to each other. Let’s say, if you have a project that needs somebody who’s really good with lights? Well, Amsterdam is a pretty small city with everybody living on top of each other. So you’re gonna find somebody who’s good with lights, if you need a model, there’s a model, you know, there’s a lot of places that creative people can come together from parties, or exhibits, even coffee shops, where people just sit and just discuss different ideas. So it’s really nice that it’s a big city, but it’s still just a village. Tristan: It’s like a big melting pot of all kinds of activities, where people do photography, all kinds of stuff. You can always find someone, as he said, to get to your goal of artistic creation.

What is your perception of the uniform of Amsterdam?
Artemy: The uniform is the absence thereof!
Nathan: I think it really depends on who you’re asking, because Amsterdam has a lot of different styles up its sleeve. But generally Amsterdams uniform consists of people really trying to have the complete look. You’ve got those starter pack memes about creatives, Anne-Fleurs, Fashionista’s, Streetstyle guys, etc. I think a lot of people fit into one of those categories, which sounds bad, but a lot of people tend to lean towards one of those, and then put a little bit of their own spin on it.
Tristan: No boundaries, always fashionable and people want to stand out through their clothing
What are the main things you guys see in how people dress for who they are in Amsterdam? Nathan: I think everybody has to kind of start somewhere – inside of some kind of ‘starter pack’ and then they kind of make their own twist on it.
Artemy: You cycle through phases until you eventually get like different elements from all those phases to make your own thing. You have a lot of different niches. You have the preppy hockey girls, you have the Street Soldiers, as we call them, dressed in nike training suits from top to bottom, and all of them look like a copy paste version of each other. I mean, you can dress like a fucking rainbow or you can dress completely black with huge boots. Nobody’s gonna bat an eye as long as you’re not bothering anybody, you just have more power. I think that’s like the general message from Amsterdam. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, of course you’re gonna have some old lady maybe giving you a stank eye if you pass by in something too tight or too edgy, but I mean, that’s a part of it.
Nathan: People generally don’t care about what other people think, about how they dress. Sometimes people will be like silently judging, but you have that most people don’t really give a fuck about that anymore.

Favourite place to hang out in Amsterdam?
Artemy: Nieuwmarkt!
Nathan: The Nieuwmarkt area. Here you can also find the Zeedijk.
Tristan: Westerpark or the centre.

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