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Liz Breed is a creative and ajax fan well known online for her cool style and clever designs. Her interests in fashion and sports come together in her daily uniform as she upcycles scarves and other Ajax merchandise into one of a kind sportswear.




The garments you made are shown in this Garment’s Ajax editorial, why did you make them?
In my opinion there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to merchandise for women. Personally I’d like to wear something unique and want to express my creativity and love for the club through clothing.

Your following is growing on social media (especially TikTok), and you make videos about your daily outfits among other things. If I’d have to describe your style I would call it sporty chic. Do you think Ajax, or sportswear in general, has an influence on your daily outfit choices?
Yes, sportswear does have a lot of influence on this. I just really like to dress myself in comfortable clothing. Especially football shirts or tracksuits, they are just the perfect thing to wear if you want something that also feels pleasant to your body haha.

Is there a piece of Ajax merchandise you wear daily?
Yeah, the white Ajax sports socks. I truly wear them every single day!

And besides Ajax sportswear, what is part of your uniform?
My ‘soda tab’ necklace, made by Romina Hermans. I wear it every day and always feel incomplete if I forget to put it on.

You also play football yourself and Ajax is very much a community having a culture of its own. Usually fashion and community go hand in hand. Are the fun extras that come along with this important to you?
Yeah, the existence of a culture is so fun to me! You can find it in so many little details. I met a lot of girls through football who are my best friends today. We can share everything with each other because of the special bond we share together. On the field we shout things to each other in a very hasty and honest way because there is just no time for long instructions or. That honesty causes very open conversations after our games. To me that is the best part.

What three words describe your style best?
Casual, Sporty, Classic.

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