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Ariella Rae is an australian native who moved to Amsterdam to explore creativity and freedom through her floristry business Rae Blooms. Despite finding simplicity and comfort in her uniform since coming to the city, becoming a little more toned down. She has gained the abundance of flora and the freedom to authentically explore her artistic expression.



Describe your style in 3 words:
Long answer: I guess sort of like Grandma Chic, a little bit sassy maybe, I like to put something with a little bit of an edge to it sometimes.

What is your everyday “uniform”:
I’m usually wearing boots, everyday boots and usually either, yeah jeans, and a big baggy t-shirt, sometimes, but also usually massive oversized dresses that are usually see through.

What does being a creative mean to you:
Um kinda everything. I think I wouldn’t really know what to do if I wasn’t being creative. I think that it makes me happy, it keeps me safe uh yeah, it’s sort of everything, I guess.

How has Amsterdam impacted you creatively:
Um, I think it’s given me a bit of freedom because I haven’t really felt like there are alot of people around me that are doing what I’m doing, so I felt like I could be myself, without the like other noise around me a little bit. I think I have more freedom, I guess, and also I have more of a palette because I’m working with flowers. Which means there’s more than compared to back home, there’s like five times the amount of flowers, so I can play around a lot more, so that’s fun.

How has Amsterdam impacted your style:
I think that actually in a way, it’s sort of shrunk it. It’s made it a little bit less crazy, it’s made it a little bit less wild. Which is sad I think, but also people seem to stay in their line a little bit here, without realising I sort of changed it to fit that a little bit.

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