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The spiritual and functional sight of cultures - Meet Tessa Miserus

Tessa Miserus, 23, is a Fashion & Design student at AMFI. For her graduation project, she made a combination of physical designs focused on counter cultures. Her collection “3rd Summer Of Love” is made out of tent constructions. In this interview, she tells about the statement she wants to make with her work and how she sees her collection in the spotlight.

Personal Profile

Name: Tessa Miserus

Direction within AMFI: Fashion & Design

Do-er/thinker: “I think both. I can overthink a lot of stuff. But I can also be very impulsive with designing and making choices, if necessary.”

Party personality: “For sure, a dancer. But I’m also the mom of the group. So I’m also keeping an eye on my friends if they get too drunk or whenever they are around boys. Usually my mind thinks: “oh my god, where are they?!”

Favorite party outfit: “For me, it’s just baggy jeans and a crop top. It’s not really a dress, but it feels like a party outfit to me as long as I can dance in it.”

What is your graduation project about?

“I think it’s a bit related to the subject you are focusing on. I did research on counter cultures, and my project is about the following countercultures. So, I did research on the hippie culture and its house scene.

For my target group, I did research on the spiritual sight and the functionality sight of cultures. My collection is based on tent constructions and astrology. Because I think digital natives are really into astrology. Because they are going from rave to rave, I made the construction out of tent constructions. I made 4 digital looks and a few physical looks, so I think the combination works well.”

Photographer: Yorinde Yulan

Work: Tessa Miserus

As a textile student, how do you see yourself in the spotlight?

“I think I better see my collection in the spotlight and the statement I want to make with this, especially about digital design and how you can include this in the fashion industry. I think it’s more sustainable to work like this, and it would be nice if more companies are going to work with digital fashion.”

What do you think needs to change in the creative industry?

“Star culture needs to change. We need to respect all levels of designers and artists. Not only the most prominent designers or the people we see growing very fast. Also, the people who’re not able to do this or are not able to do this at one specific moment. I find it really important that everyone gets a chance and we allow each other to grow.”

How can you contribute to this change?

“Starting with respecting all my co-workings, I think. It’s a significant change, but if we all begin to do it, we can make a change together. For example starting off with AMFI would already help a lot. We have to respect each other and each other’s work. Support your co-workers in their dreams and opportunities.”

What is your definition of a party dress?

“A garment that represents someone’s identity. Or an identity you want to have for that night or that specific party, like an alter ego. It’s important you feel comfortable in it, and of course, you have to be able to dance in it.”

‘’ Star culture needs to change. We need to respect all levels of designers and artists’’

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