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The aim to start conversations - Meet Paiman Azizi

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Paiman (22) is a management student at AMFI. Currently he is doing the specialization iNDiViDUALS which is a Fashion consultancy by AMFI. This semester he was general manager. They collaborated with Recent Toys, a brand that creates crafting brain-teasers: hands-on puzzles that challenge the brightest minds. And finally, they proposed a communication and promotion strategy through a sustainable fashion collection.

Personal Profile

Name: Paiman Azizi

Direction within AMFI: Management (iNDiViDUALS)

Doer/thinker: “Most of the time I am a thinker. Before I start doing I think about various structures, concepts, I am not one to start impulsively doing something.”

Party personality: “I am a big talker at parties. It is a moment to get to know people on a different level.”

Favorite party outfit: “I always wear black to parties. Before I used to wear a lot of colors but it evolved and resulted in always wearing black. Because I think it is chique and has an elegant feel to it. Next to that it makes me feel strong and empowered. Combining it is easy and you can play with the structures nicely as well. Mostly it is an outfit consisting of trousers and shirts with some layering to keep it interesting.”

What is a project you are most proud of?

“The project I just finished with iNDiViDUALS. I was the general manager of individuals this semester. Where we collaborated with it is in the brain teasing, gaming and puzzle industry so it is a non-fashion company. And that part was very challenging. Because we had to shift our perspectives and merge fashion with a non-fashion company. And finally, we made a sustainable fashion collection for them.

I really tried to evolve myself during this collaboration. Because I was the general manager but I also involved myself a lot in the creative process. And I think this was an ideal opportunity to do so.“

As a management student, how do you see yourself in the spotlight?

“I think by developing an idea that covers fashion, and art to respond to social, cultural and political matters and make a statement with it.”

What do you think needs to change in the creative industry?

"That fashion should be a medium to start conversations and confront boundaries. It is already an ongoing process, but it could be more present. I think by getting rid of the idea of perfection and experimenting with the unusual you can create something of its own."

How can you contribute to this change?

“Making statements with the creative work. I am currently doing this by making video and photography, with the aim to start conversations through these images and confront people about these different matters.”

What is your definition of a party dress?

"I think a party dress could be anything that reflects your personality. Because I believe it is important to be you. I think that is already a party dress."

"Fashion should be a medium to start conversations and confront boundaries’’

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