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Making fragile textiles more resistant with bio plastic coatings - Meet Paulina Meyle

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Paulina Meyle (23) is a fashion designer at AMFI. Currently, she’s joining the textile minor and, in her project, she tries to merge textiles with her knitting specialization. Her own fabrics were used at the ‘Reconnection Fashion To Nature’ shoot in our new Garment issue!

Personal Profile

Name: Paulina Meyle

Direction within AMFI: Textile (minor)

Doer/thinker: "Hard question! Privately, I’m more a thinker, but at work, I’m more a doer. I experiment a lot and then something comes out of it."

Party personality: "I’m the socializer and the dancer. But I’m more comfortable when I’m dancing with my friends."

Favorite party outfit: "Straight pants from soft fabric and just a top. Most of the time in black or white. Quite casual actually.

What is your graduation project about?

“My textile project is a combination of knitting and biomaterials. I tried to embrace the fragility of this knit and try different coatings on top. My goal is to make fragile textiles a bit more resistant with these bio plastic coatings.

I did different recipes and did more research on the different behavior in it. If you dip it in bioplastic it gets stiffer which gives a contrast between the fragility. I really like this effect, which is also visible in my end product.

My whole project should raise awareness on the impact of global warming and the spreading droughts that come with it. I’d like to mirror them through irregular structures of burned grounds in my textiles.”

As a textile student, how do you see yourself in the spotlight?

“That’s a tough question because sometimes I feel like I’m in between branding and design as my last minor was visual culture where I was really into filming and photography.

Now in the textiles minor, it’s really about experimenting and crafting.

I think the merge of it is really interesting and will help me in the future as I can capture my designs in visual storytelling.

I’m interested in a wide spectrum as I could see myself in the film industry as well as in a position at some knitting ateliers. So, wherever life takes you.”

What do you think needs to change in the creative industry?

“I think the durability of products and garments. As well as to bring back the craft aspects and the appreciation for smaller brands.

Doing more research into new possibilities in fabric and material choice is also important.”

How can you contribute to this change?

“I actually have the sentence in my head from Loes one of my textile teacher. She always says: “Share your information and your knowledge. And just document all your research.” I agree with her. That’s how you truly make a change.”

What is your definition of a party dress?

“If I would go for a party dress I would go for a black sleek dress. It has to be comfortable and elegant.”

‘’My whole project should raise awareness on the impact of global warming and the spreading droughts that come with it.’’

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