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Embrace it with a slice of humour - Meet Liselot Overgoor

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Liselot Overgoor is an ambitious graduating branding student at AMFI. For her graduation, she is creating a campaign for Happy Socks to help people see their feet as a superpower.

Personal Profile

Name: Liselot Overgoor

Direction within AMFI: Fashion & Branding

Doer or thinker:

“I think I am more of a doer. I make decisions very quickly, so I am not too long in the research phase, I start doing my things for my project.

I don’t think I have to bring it into balance because I can do research later as well and it can be divided over the whole project and not all in the beginning.”

What Party personality are you?

“I love to dance! Doesn’t matter which party, I am a dancer. I also like to just look at what other people are doing and wearing. And of course I am a snacker and a beer drinker. “

What is your favourite Party Outfit?

“Mostly I don’t wear dresses but if I wear a dress it is a little green silky dress with an old-school print on it. It is very short and I am very tall, so I have to stand in it and not move a lot. But that’s okay. I am always wearing heels and earrings, rings and long open hair.”

What is your graduation project about?

“I made a campaign for Happy Socks and it is called ‘super feet’, so I made a campaign for people who are embarrassed by their feet and I want the people to see their feet as a superpower, so the sock is the cape of the feet.

So, it is more to feel secure. It is a humorous campaign for socks. Bring awareness to not to be ashamed of your feet. Embrace it with a slice of humour.”

Images: Liselot Overgoor

As a branding student, how do you see yourself in the spotlight?

“I am a good person at advertising. When a brand would give me an idea I would make it come to life and create a concept.”

What do you think has to change in the creative industry?

“Sustainability. I think it has to be a MUST and not a plus. So, every brand needs to have sustainability in their core.”

How can you contribute to this change?

“Don’t buy fast fashion, but if you buy it then buy a basic which you know you will wear forever and not only one year.”

What is your definition of a part dress?

“Simple but with an extra, a little bling or a little print. It can be long or short. It depends on the location. But it should always be comfortable and you should be able to move in it.”

‘’Bring awareness to not to be ashamed of your feet’’

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