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Fashion student Laura Slings (22) made her first all-digital collection consisting of five party dresses during the digital fashion minor: Hypercraft at AMFI. Her latest collection is totally digital. Her signature style is grand, voluminous, over the top and detailed; no surprise that this upcoming talent is currently doing her internship at Viktor & Rolf.

Tekst: Sanne Alofs

In our new issue, you can read everything about Laura’s latest collection ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’, and digital fashion. She tells you about the message behind the collection, her inspiration, and her obsessions. In her other collection ‘Where Is Home’ she also designed a party dress. What is her vision on the party dress and why does she love designing this garment, digitally as well as physically?

Why did you design multiple dresses in your latest collections?

‘I like to make really extravagant things. I didn’t decide at first to design dresses. I wanted to make voluminous pieces and unique shapes. For example, with pants you’re already quite stuck with a certain shape, with a dress I can play more, I can make it more grand and imposing.’


What’s your vision on the party dress?

‘For myself, the way I design my dresses and how I wear dresses in my personal life. They are really something that you can go all out with when it comes to an event. I see the party dress as a garment that can have different identities and shapes depicting whatever event you’re going to.’ 

''with pants you’re already quite stuck with a certain shape, with a dress I can play more, I can make it more grand and imposing.’'

How would you describe the party dress of your dreams?

‘My dream dress would be something where you can see that there’s paid a lot of attention to detail. I want there to be lots of details in the dress, embroidery for example. With embroidery you can see how much working hours are being put. Also, I like different kinds of techniques. I can imagine it being richly decorated, like I did with some of my own dresses in the collection. I spend hours digitally putting pearls on the pieces.’

What digital fashion brands do you look up to?

‘I think Auroboros is fantastic. They make futuristic digital clothing, way different than has ever been done before. But also, Collective NDA Paris makes very cool digital art, and not to forget the makers of digital models like Shudu and Dagny, The digitals. What they make is really top of the bill.’


What is the biggest difference between a physical and digital party dress?

‘As I said before when it comes to designing a digital and physical dress, it’s a big difference when making it but not in working hours for example. I spend just as much time on my digital collection if not even more than on the dresses I made physically for previous collections. When thinking about it in a bigger picture, I suppose your digital party dress could be more like the dress of your dreams. Digitally you can make a lot happen that is impossible in real life. Out of this world fabrics, moving parts in a dress and things like that.’ 

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