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A conversation with Ruben Jurriën, owner of the label RUBEN JURRIËN, AMFI Fashion and Design student and intern at Jimmy Paul, talks about his activistic approach to clothing. With his latest collection his goal is to make men in dresses normal again and to ditch the dress code.

Drag Queen Realness


After decades of being an underground club movement, drag has reached the mainstream. The relationship between drag and fashion is one that is obvious and cannot be ignored. Garment’s Didem Kirca takes a close look at drag culture, to see what fashion can learn from this artform that has changed the world.


Fashion student Laura Slings (22) made her first all-digital collection consisting of five party dresses during the digital fashion minor: Hypercraft at AMFI. Her latest collection is totally digital. Her signature style is grand, voluminous, over the top and detailed; no surprise that this upcoming talent is currently doing her internship at Viktor & Rolf.

Garment Magazine Talk with fashion Psychologist Pak Chiu


Pak Chiu is a fashion psychologist and co-founder of the online fashion magazine ‘HAJINSKY’. Fashion psychology is such a new idea, but what really is fashion psychology, and how can it contribute to the fashion industry? Garment finds out during a sitdown with Pak Chiu


Rosalie van de Biezen, filmmaker and screenwriter, is a student at the film academy. After following an exchange programme on fashion films in Denmark, she realized the importance of garments in film.


The Party Dress is a tricky garment, isn’t it? With the wind blowing up, glaring eyes or unwanted peekers. Just like the creepy act of the shoe sneak up, a camera hidden inside a shoe. Or a phone of a stranger all of a sudden upside down, a little too close to your legs. Some people do everything to get a glimpse. Garment spoke with Florence who turned a horrible experience into an encouraging petition to change the law. 


Inclusivity is everything, or so we’ve been told. Representation within the fashionindustry seems to be on everyone’s agenda. The stories of marginalized groups are more visible in the media than ever, but too often allyship stays merely performative,

argue industry insiders, who question the integrity of the brands and clients that are involved.


Often only worn once, the Party Dress has become short-lived. This garment can be such a specific item, that we tend to break all the rules. The only thing that is needed is the vibe of the party. A one hit wonder for sure. How can we keep the party going for this certain garment? A world of new innovative textiles patiently made by hand may be the answer

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