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Take a closer look at articles, behind the scenes and more insight information. This content is an extension of the 19th Issue of our magazine. 


not just HAIR

This is one of three interviews in which you can learn more about headwear designers. When Julia Heijligers shaved all of her hair three years ago, she found herself making wigs as a form of liberation from society’s urge for classification. We sat down to talk about finding shelter in alienation, the importance of collaboration and the joy of bringing your alter ego alive.



This is one of three interviews in which you can learn more about headwear designers. Chloe Messer, the founder of Hat & Spicy delivers the giant fluffy cherry on top of your carefully created personality, served with a side of a sweaty night out. 


How can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) be used within digital headwear design as a form of healing? When digital designer and AMFI student Teng Teng Ho felt the need to break down the ego of fashion, she discovered that it is possible to change your own childhood narrative. We both used the opportunity to balance out our screen-time, and met at Rembrandtpark. To talk about her first digital collection, the importance of process(ing) and seeking alliance outside the infamous fashion bubble.

HEADPIECE = headpeace?



Headwear has a lot to do with one’s emotional balance - a highly personal garment. As we looked to the stars to guide us into our future, we noticed some mysterious new constellations forming…


the MODEST DESigner behind EXTRAVAGANT headwear

This is one of three interviews in which you can learn more about headwear designers. Comfort is the underlying layer behind the work of Yuki Isshiki. As a headwear designer and a hatmaker she uses a classic couture approach with a focus on the individual. After learning from the best and making a name for herself, she is now based in Amsterdam with her label Demure. 


generation METAHEADS

Would you buy headwear that you can’t touch? A new generation of fashion pioneers and digital creatives are opening the gate of the metaverse to explore what this ‘new world’ could bring to the table. Fashion brands are eager to test and learn the concept of expression in the virtual world. But how does it affect the consumers?

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