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June 23, 2022



illustration SISTINE LOMAN

Headwear has a lot to do with one’s emotional balance - a highly personal garment. As we looked to the stars to guide us into our future, we noticed some mysterious new constellations forming…

Laziness is a word that is not in your vocabulary; your drive and ambition speak for themselves as you struggle to find your off-switch. Being constantly present means you need to step back sometimes, this makes a blunt balaclava the perfect tool to say: “do not talk to me right now”.



You are a real creative and with this comes your sharp taste. Flaunt this with a leather beret. Why leather (faux leather, of course)? Well, because you're not like other berets. You value devotion but can be stubborn. This long-lasting material and classic silhouette will allow you to realise you don't always need to be right.


Your intricate mind deserves an equally intricate crystal crown to offer some serenity. The complexity of the Gemini will forever fascinate everyone including yourself. It is easy to feel out of control with so many personalities. A crystal crown will allow your true self to move into the future with grace.


You tend to be loving, caring and loyal; these are your best traits. You take these qualities in yourself very seriously, maybe a bit too seriously at times. Remember that being loving and caring towards yourself is just as important. Wearing a comforting beanie might give you the soft hug you often forget to give yourself.


Devotion and selflessness come naturally to you. But, being the centre of attention does too, whether you like it or not. At times you worry if your loud personality might be too much, but when paired with a larger-than-life sunhat a bold balance is met. Now you just need to keep it on your head.

You always want to do everything right. The easy-going cap compliments your practical, yet perfectionist character. For you, everything down to the details must be completely on point, so keeping it simple with this easy-going cap is the solution. While your mind ticks away under the brim, try not to dwell on all those little details.


Putting on a crochet bucket hat will be the easiest choice you have made in a while. Its snug fit speaks to your cosy vibe. This headwear will give you all the casual confidence you need while your natural flirting skills take over. But don’t forget; you still won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea.


Dirty devil horns might be what you need to warn people not to mess with you. Your passion and loyalty run so deep it’s hard to keep calm when someone does you wrong. There's no need to worry about your fiery personality, rock this headwear with pride and it might just come in handy for more than you think.

You never sit still and you’re always on the go. Whether it’s taking risks, exploring new adventures or being a great team player you excel in anything and everything you do. All this can be pretty tiring, so wearing a stimulating sweatband is a necessity. What other headpiece could keep up with your lifestyle, right?


With a faux-fur ushanka, you can show both your strong character and your softer side. 

Just like this warmth-giving hat, your small circle of friends keeps you safe under the pressure you put on yourself. Others can think you’re cold as you can be pretty direct, but nothing is less true. With this headwear, you can prove that you need a cuddle sometimes too.


Some sporty sunglasses will be the lens through which you look optimistically to the future. As you often feel like an outcast, these shades will be the perfect headwear to keep you grounded. Wearing these, you will see the world a bit more realistically, as you try not to get carried away with believing every conspiracy theory you hear.


From time to time, you dream of a fairy tale life; anything is possible in your imaginative mind. As you go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of others, you often work towards a dream world without even noticing. Your emotions can be quite volatile, so treasure your idealistic mind with a fairy-tale hair band and escape for a little while.



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