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Website sort of speaks for itself. Within this pool you create and design this years website to go along the magazine. You decide which content needs to be featured and how you want it to look. 


Design means layout. Once the content for the magazine is as good as finished, the design team makes sure that the look and feel of the magazine is translated. This means putting the content in the indesign file and making sure that all the spreads look coherent. 

Want to join Garment?

We, as The Garment Company, are sharing all our inside information about the Fashion and Editorial Branding Minor below. Want to know which job role would suit you? We want to inspire you to join Garment and inform you about what to expect from this program.  



The Editor in Chief is the head of the company. This person makes sure that the heart of your brand is protected and translated in everything everybody does. 

The Deputy Editor in Chief is the right hand man of the Editor in Chief. Together they make sure that everything is well executed and runs smoothly. They protect and translate the heart of the brand. The Deputy Editor steps in when needed.


The Art Director of the magazine makes sure that the heart of the brand is guarded in the look and feel and the layout is consistent through out the whole magazine. From the start till the very end of the magazine. 

Image includes all the photoshoots. Not only creating content for the magazine but also thinking about which images end up on the instagram, which videos can be used for behind the scenes. Certain articles will need illustrations or other creatives work of arts. 



In the Branding pool you have to think about which content goes on the social platforms. You as a team decide which platforms work best for your magazine, and you portray the theme on all these channels. This can mean instagram stories, behind the scenes videos, TikTok, the launch event and how you get this years theme into the world. 

Publishing keeps track of all the finances, how much can be spent on what, how much money we need to collect as a team but also makes sure that there is a planning and that everyone sticks to their deadlines. A very important pool to make sure that everything runs smoothly.



In the Text pool you’re responsible for creating anything text related. This varies from writing articles to writing captions for the socials but can also include writing credits for the shoots and making sure that the stories you want to tell are told correctly. 

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