Odd is a personal magazine that focuses on the lives of international fashion professionals. Based on the six degrees of separation theory, Odd magazine explores six connections between seven people’s lives and styles. These seven key people are the core for a magazine about fashion and photography inspired by personal stories about creative life – in a little bit of an odd style. This magazine had a strong online presence and the wooden laser cut letters, that were part of the product line, were copied everywhere.


Mint magazine focuses on the personal stories and relationships that people have with their clothing. Rather than following trends, it conveys the emotions and memories woven into garments. It is a playful exploration that seeks to personify fashion and give a voice to the clothing to tell the stories that are woven in. Illustrations, quirky fashion images and new talent, all go to support the honest and unusual atmosphere of Mint. Fashion to be felt.

The many illustrations in Mint turned out to be a sign of the comeback of illustrations in magazines.


Your Biggest Bang magazine is based on the fact that every ending is a new beginning and so it takes the art of up-cycling to a higher level. The magazine had a new approach on art, design, fashion and music and showed clean and clear design, intriguing images and straightforward texts. It’s cool vibe got known as ‘hipster style’ in later years. YBB was our first title in English.

All our beautiful issues

Garment is the magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It has been around for a while, though not always under the same name. Garment, The Party Dress issue is the 18th edition, so take a trip down memory lane and see on what awesome journey we have been over the years!


The 2020 issue explores the scarf as it is the perfect metaphor for life: malleable, colourful, available in different shapes and sizes, full of rich cultural influences. The magazine parodies the stereotypical pages we find in most glossy magazines. The empty content in mainstream media is overloading and Garment chooses to question the seriousness of these media constructs, brands and society in general. While doing this, the magazine invites you to have fun spotting the parodies and laugh about them.


The generation of 2019 believed there was no better metaphor to reflect the evolution and current state of the industry. Though underwear is at the same time both functional and personal, it has become a standardized garment to fit the masses. The issue encourages the reader to interact with their inner fantasies and dare them to use underwear to define their identity. No arrests were made during production.


They say if the suit fits, wear it. Garment, The (mis)suit issue wonders if it really has to.  This issue of Garment sets a few rules. The most important one: there are no rules. To reflect the 2018 state of the fashion industry, the suit proved to be the best metaphor. Garment was here to inspire the reader to decide on how to (mis)suit into society. Small in size, provoking in style and big on content with good reading. The multiplying fashion shoot is still one of our favourites. 


This edition of AMFI’s independent magazine returned to the 2013 edition, Garment magazine. We decided Garment is here to stay, as we realized there are only so many websites we can run sustainably. It is a clear brand name that covers a concept in which one item of clothing symbolizes a metaphor to reflect on current fashion. And it covers the core business of its school.

The Tights issue was all about stretching the limits of fashion, as well as those of a magazine cover – which worked well as the issue sold out in no time. Tights were used for their metaphorical as well as literal meaning. Rip, tear, scrunch, whatever: Garment threw out the fashion rule book for this edition!


In a world filled with snack-sized information, we felt a need for focus. That is why we go back to the core of fashion: garments. By exploring one piece of clothing in a witty fashion we are making the ordinary extraordinary. This issue will dive into the fascinating world of the skirt, from basic information to surprising facts. Garment is a one-of-a-kind independent fashion magazine, a must-read for every fashion aficionado. Welcome to Garment, your editorial wardrobe.



TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS plays with extreme proportions in materials, silhouettes and prints. The magazine looks beyond the mainstream and highlights all the outstanding fashion, intriguing people and outrageous ideas in the creative industry. TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS are bold, outstanding and ready to pounce. They are the ones that don’t follow the mainstream, the ones that stand out in the crowd, taking a risk in what they do and how they appear. Of course this was the largest size magazine we ever printed.


ANT fashion magazine celebrates personal passions of creative talents and features the pleasantly obsessed. ANT fashion magazine focuses on the international fashion scene and devotees of independent fashion magazines worldwide. A world of creative talent and their slightly neurotic urge of creating is being examined.


In 2007 the program was extended from 10 to 20 weeks. Students who were competing in a magazine contest during the first half, became colleagues in the second half. Goud magazine (Gold magazine) is a bilingual magazine aimed at young creatives, providing them with illuminating articles, inspiration and a possible platform to network. A slight miscalculation in how to combine two booklets of Goud led to a few all-nighters in a vacuum factory.

I’AMFI VOL 1, 2 & 3 – 2006 | 2005 | 2004

The first three editions of the yearly magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute were a result of a study programme lasting ten weeks. The final magazine was made by a group of students during hours after school, as the students by then were already studying in their next course. All issues were published under the title I’AMFI, a name that got dropped after a certain city came up with a new publicity slogan to market their city.


Then there was Madame Jeanette. In print. The hottest, spiciest editorial brand in the market that year. This rebel in the list decided to redefine the capital F of fashion with their playful and often outspoken content. For the first time ever the AMFI magazine came out in 4 different covers and a print-on-demand version in black & white. It was the last time we decided on a new name per year, as the amount of website subscriptions got a bit out of control.


In 2015 AMFI and her students decided to explore a different way of fashion publishing. The online platform We Are Stuart served up thought provoking content and challenged the fashion system by publishing activist input on all channels of the platform: a blog, social media and a posterzine captured in a tube: the Stube.


Outspoken, clever, off beat and above all things mondaze was never boring. The magazine explores the five stages of the bored mind, relieving the reader from whichever state they may be in. mondaze is here to embolden you with our striking perspective on fashion. Feeling fazed? Get mondazed! Check it out, there are copies left!

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