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7 strangers and their headwear



The party dress is such a specific item that we tend to break all the rules on sustainability, budget and style. All we need is the vibe of the party. But how can we keep the party going? We look for answers in the world of innovative textiles, patiently made by hand.

7 days 7 strangers

Stranger day 1

Im wearing two handmade balaclavas made by my girlfriend Ini. She wanted to learn crocheting

and started a small business with her pieces (@inithegranny).

Headwear for me could be a more fun and playful piece. I have several pieces with text, and even

one from Disney. Headwear should always be fun. Plus, it helps when you haven’t washed your


Stranger day 2

I am wearing a piece from a neighbour. We have a recycling system in my building. If someone

wants to get rid of something, they first ask their neighbours if they want to have it.

I’m a hairdresser so I am always busy with hair. I really like to experiment with how I look through

hair and I think headwear has an added purpose to that.

Stranger day 3

I am wearing my ‘My Little Pony” hat that I found at a thrift store when walking in Amsterdam. For

one euro, it made me giggle, enough of a justification to make the purchase.

Normally, I’m not a big hat guy. I like to style my hair and not have it hidden by a hat. I typically

don’t wear hats as they never quite look right but if the hat makes me chuckle I think it’s worth it.

Stranger day 4

I am wearing my Keffiyeh. It originated from my country Syria and it reminds me daily of my roots.

I used to wear it already when I was a child since my parents also wore it.

I never really thought about why there is headwear in my life, it has always been there through my

culture and I use it to show my identity and roots.

Stranger day 5

I am wearing a love yourself cap. I got the cap from my mom as a present and although I didn’t

like it I couldn’t say no. I wear it as a joke since it is not the most fashionable piece.

I do not have a clear relationship with headwear, it is mostly as an extra layer to my outfit and I

hope that when I wear hats like this as a joke people get it.

Stranger day 6

I am wearing a scarf wrapped around my head as a headpiece. I found it actually a few weeks ago

in my hallway when I was with a friend of mine.

I actually don’t really have a clear purpose for headwear. It is a garment I like to experiment with

and I also find it funny to see people looking at me when I have a crazy hat on that day.

Stranger day 7

I am wearing a black nike cap that is originally from my friend so my relationship with these

headwear is mostly trying to not lose it and being able to bring it back to my friend.

I normally don't really wear headwear, only when I need it to hide my eyes from the shade and a

beanie for example when i’m cold in the winter.

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